Name: Jessica ‘Jessie’ Gates [OPEN]

Clique: Adventurers (College)

Age: 22

FC: Julie McNiven 

Bio: Jessie is an excitable and beautiful girl who is known around school for her wonderful personality and unique western dress sense. She is slender and fair-skinned with green eyes, red hair and pink lips. She likes being loved by everyone and is very much a people pleaser and hates people ignoring her. Jessie is also extremely claustrophobic, hating being any tight small space where she can’t breath. A well rounded girl Jessie is brilliant at anything outdoorsy such as horse riding and even has her own horse in the stables named bullseye who she loves dearly. Jessie has a very unique sense of style which is very modern cow girl, opting for crimson cowgirl boots rather than heels and, but it’s very stylish all the same and she is a real head turner around campus. Although possessing allot of friends Jessie is usually found hanging around with Woody, Buzz, Robin and Mulan sharing their sense for adventure and love for animals. A secret hopeless romantic Jessie has a big crush on her best friend Buzz but is doubtful he feels the same, but she’s not particularly bothered being happy that he’s in her life and her friend. Jessie wants to be a horse rider someday and is very dedicated to the sport often found jumping hurdles with horse or engaging in a friendly game of polo with the boys such as Philip and Eric. Loved by everyone Jessie is a great big ball of energy and is an absolute pleasure to be around.  


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