Name: Milo Thatch [TAKEN]

Clique: Smarticles 

Age: 18

FC: Daniel Radcliffe 

Bio: Milo Thatch was born and raised in the lovely British countryside to British parents whom he lost early in his childhood. After their passing he was adopted by his grandfather Thaddeus Thatch and has been living with him since then. When Milo was young Thaddeus often told Milo stories of the lost continent of Atlantis which according to legend sank beneath the Atlantic Ocean following a cataclysmic disaster. Milo was fascinated by these stories, and in life made it his personal goal to prove the existence of the legendary city. Milo is a total nerd and is a grade A student in everything except for history in which he is an A* much to many students annoyance. He prefers to surround himself with similar characters such as his best friend Jane Porter whom he met in their first year at school. Milo doesn’t seem to have much luck with girls often getting uncomfortable and frigidity around them and struggling to get out his words or talks way to fast which unsurprisingly freaks all lot of the girls out. Generally, Milo is meek and easily intimidated by others, but will be courageous if the situation calls for it. Milo has feelings for fellow History buff Kida but will become easily flustered if he shows it in the wrong situation. He’s often a target for bullying off some of the more harsher students but he seems to take it in his stride picking up his glasses off the floor whenever someone pushes him down. The Smarticles aren’t his only friends though Milo also likes the company of first years Peter and Wendy finding their no grow up up personalities quite refreshing and very interesting. Most people think Milo needs to lighten up and stop taking life so seriously but what the hell do they know. Nerds can have fun do just hand Milo a bottle of Jack and this kids the life of the party, maybe that’s exactly what he needs to loosen up and perhaps impress a certain beautiful tanned blonde.  


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