Name: Buzz Lightyear [TAKEN]

Clique: Drifters (College)

Age: 23

FC: Jensen Ackles

Bio: Buzz Lightyear is known for his bravery and courage and believes that following rules are the way people should live their life however there are rare moments when Buzz will bend the rules or tell a cover story if he needs to when he knows it is the right thing to do. Though a great leader, at times he can be rather unemotional, one of his biggest character flaws. An older student he has an amazing sense of humor often calling people chuckles and manages to make nearly every argument funny in some way. Even though he really isn’t a rule breaker he does stand up for what he believes in and has been known to get into fights with the other students because of it. Best friends with younger student Woody Hanks, the two met when Woody was being picked on in his first year at school, Buzz and Woody have been friends ever since and are practically like brothers even though they don’t get on all the time. Buzz is trained in martial arts starting from a very young age and is a highly skilled warrior in hand to hand combat. Being in peak physical condition, Buzz makes a perfect fighter. Buzz doesn’t really know what he wants to do when he leaves school but knows he wants to take out a gap year and travel around the USA in his car, his beloved black 67 Chevy impala. Buzz and Woody also hang around with two girls Jessica and  Bethany, Jessica and Woody seem to be closer than Buzz and Jessie however Buzz and Jessie have been getting very close lately and Buzz has started to believe he has feelings for her other than friendship but hasn’t really acted on it further than occasional flirting but he doesn’t know where it’s going to go.


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