Name: Stitch McLaren [TAKEN]

Clique: First Years

Age: 16

FC: Boo Boo Stewart 

Bio: Stitch is often seen as a person that is unlikable to many people due to his naughty behaviour and taste for pranking as well as his temperamental behaviour. However one person can always see past his distractive ways and that’s his best friend Lilo. Both from Hawaii, the two have all lot in common such as their love for surfing, water and hula dancing however the two had never met before joining wishing well.  Stitch is a mild sufferer of schizophrenia and sometimes finds him self flicking between two sides of himself the kind loveable one everyone adores and his temperamental angry one that will latterly flip over tables and fight anyone who irritates him in the smallest way. Even though the other side of his personality is rather dangerous to those around him Stitch tries to keep it under control for his best friend who wants him to be ‘good’ as she describes it. However Stitch can’t help it even though he wishes he could, he takes tablets to try and control the issues he has and they seem to be working but sometimes he can skip a day and snap. Stitch was brought up around the fast, exciting, troublesome world of F1 racing his father owning the famous McLaren F1 racing cars which makes him very popular around the boys hoping to get a ride in a real racing car and attempt to chat up some of the hot pit girls.  Since Stitch is trapped in a school where there are relatively few things to do or in his case sometimes destroy, he has many occasions to reflect on other occupations than ‘evil’ and instead chooses to spend his time wisely with Lilo. A clever and very strong student Stitch really does have the best of both having both the brains and brawn, he is one of the brightest in his year and also one of the younger ones to watch out for on the school’s covered football team despite all this Stitch is emotionally fragile and has a child-like personality beneath his rather grown-up appearance. Stitch has became all lot kinder after hanging around with Lilo and even he has noticed the cahneg in his behaviour but is frequently unable to control all of his impulses to antisocial actions. Fortunately for him, Lilo is always there to support him, and he returns her support willingly. Stitch is fairly dependent on Lilo, despite her having her own troubles to contend with, Lilo makes every effort to help Stitch in life. Lilo and Stitch do fall out sometimes though and when they do it can be pretty messy as Lilo has a fairly stubborn temper while Stitch is usually the cause of the argument the two always make up in the end but the time they are way from each other is painful for them both. Stitch has a great love for music and is very talented on the guitar and ukulele although not something he’d like to peruse he enjoys playing it for Lilo as she Hula dances and the two are very popular in the creative arts department. Over all Stitch is a lovely boy if you give him the chance and are patient with him as he has all lot of issues and things that normal sixteen year old boys don’t have to deal with, but Lilo and Stitch make a wonderful pair and are two of the funniest people in their year.


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