Name: Sebastian ‘Seb’ Crabbe [TAKEN]

Clique: Smartilces 

Age: 19 (College)

FC: Penn Badgley 

Bio: Sebastian is a very calculated character, always factoring the risks of every given situation rather than just running with it like his wild best friends Ariel Saltwater and Christopher Flounder. He is the voice of reason in the mad trio and he believes with out him his friends would get into much more trouble than they do already, due to their reckless behaviour. His sensible attitude and calculated approach to life stems back to his upbringing unlike his friends Sebastian is America and grew up in Boston, his parents were both high profile lawyers and brought up their son with the same morals and ways of thinking they had. However Ariel and Christopher see this as a personal challenge, they are always trying to get Sebastian to be more like them. Fun, crazy and basically a teenager. As he should be. Sebastian is a very clever student and is top of his class in basically every subject he puts his mind to, aspiring to be a lawyer like his parents he is majoring in law at the moment as well as taking a few extra classes on the side such as history and spanish as extra circulars. Despite his no fun attitude and mainly flat personality Sebastian is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, he has a real heart of gold and will do anything for anyone who he believes is in need of his help. He really is a true friend. This friendly, caring attitude has also earned him the attention of beautiful blonde mermaid Elizabeth Urchin, who Sebastian indeed has a crush on. Trying to keep his feelings on lockdown, Sebastian therefore acts a bit strangely in front of Elizabeth often finding himself rambling on about more or less nothing, but for some reason she never seems to be freaked out by it but instead laughs and finds it ‘cute’ as she’s said before. Sebastian is very conflicted however knowing that his best friend Christopher Flounder also has feelings for the same girl. But Sebastian’s morals will always come out on top, he’d never do anything to risk his friendship with Christopher even the object of his affections. Elizabeth. 


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