Name: Penny Levinstine [OPEN]

Clique: English Roses 

Age: 18

FC: Levin Rambin 

Bio: Another beautiful rose plucked from the gardens of England, meet Penny Levinstine a sweet and gentle girl with a heart of gold. Penny was born in the City of London and then dropped off and raised in Morningside Orphanige in New York City for children with no family members to speak of or not fit enough to look after them.  Sadly Penny and her family were away in the City on a business venture but decide to bring their daughter along with them to make it somewhat of a family holiday, by this time Penny was six. On the frightful day in question Penny’s parents were out at a meeting in the city when the building they were in caught fire due to a fault in the engine room and collapsed with them inside, with no other living family members and all her documents destroyed Penny was forced to live in the orphanage even though it was a dull place Penny found friends there and was always quite a happy child despite the terrible accident that broke her life apart and always anger to stay smiling and still does. Some believe it was that ray of hope that always kept her going. Every year New York’s top boarding school would come to Morningside and take on some of their more gifted students and offer them a place at the school on a scholar ship when they were fifteen or sixteen years of age to start as first years. As time went by Penny watched children come and go, some adopted and others offered a place at the school hoping to god that one day it would be her they chose. And in deed it was, with her all around well roundedness and special abilities in many of her subjects she was plucked from Morningside to start a new life at the school that would set her up for her future. Penny is a very timid girl but is however gutsy and very brave when the situation calls for it, however she is sadly about as scary as a mouse with her soft english accent and little furrow in her brow her arguments never tend to go a long way and people often try to take advantage of that. One person in particular would be Katherine Medusa, like Penny she too was brought up in the city except to a gangster family and knows exactly how to play the other kids to her advantage. Such as Penny. Katherine uses her to get information out of other students to use to her advantage and threatens Penny if she doesn’t do as she says, it’s an endless cycle for the poor girl and she sometimes feels more trapped at the school than she did at the orphanage. But with her kind nature she did make more friends than enemies such as Cody Beckett, who seems to take more of a protective role over her than a best friend one. However Penny is always grateful of him being there for her and has of late developed a small crush on her friend and protector, though she does fight it off mostly and tires to look elsewhere as even with Cody she’s often under the watchful eye of Joanna who is indeed on the right hand of Katherine. Cody is however not Penny’s best friend, her best friend is fellow orphan Rufus who was adopted by the school alongside her two years ago when they became first years, they tell each other everything and are very strong allies at the school although he takes less of a protective role and more of a person to confined in for her. Even though Penny wants to make something worth while of herself she desires to go back to the orphanage so that she can be adopted and gain a family like all the other students but is very insecure about not being like by any of the families even though everyone assures her she shouldn’t. Due to her flawless manners, heart of gold and beauty of a rose Penny is in the English Roses clique, a very well repeated group of young ladies who originate from the beautiful country itself in one way or another rather by manners or family. She gets on very well with the girls in her group and has found strong friendships with Clarion, Elionwy, Wendy and Marian as well as young Marie. Penny is a true wonderful character who’s main believe in life is that anyone’s dreams can come true if you have enough faith which is whys he is regarded one of the bravest characters around.


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