Name: Giselle Collins [TAKEN]

Clique: English Roses 

Age: 18

FC: Karen Gillian 

Bio: Giselle is another classic English Rose the school just seems to attract and to be fairly honest she is pretty much similar to the rest. Growing up in a large cottage in Surrey near London Giselle was the only child of her two parents and they loved her and spoiled her rotten, but also brought their daughter up with values. To be polite, always gracious and above all never give up on love. Unlike some upper/middle class parents Giselle’s always backed their daughter in whatever she wanted to do with her life and didn’t force her into a particular direction, they wanted their daughter to be free to make her own choices concerning her life but also remain the lady they wanted her to be. However Giselle is a very shy character and ended up being fairly sheltered from the big wide world around her in which everyone else resided, she preferred to stay in her own private little world of Surrey, where everyone is kind and where you could do what you like and feel safe about it. It is because of this that as a younger girl Giselle had never experienced emotions such as frustration and anger, she was perfectly happy in her home with her friends around her, the animals to look after and also the idea that one day she’d live happily ever after in her own cottage in Surrey just like her parents had. Unfortunately enough for Giselle this wasn’t an idea her parents took much of a liking to, both very head strong well paid journalists who work in the London area they felt their daughter needed to be more cultured about the world she lived in and move out of her comfort zone. And what better way to do that than send her to one of the most exciting cities in the world to attend boarding school? At age 17 she was shipped off to attend Wishing Well High and her comfort bubble burst. When she comes to New York City, her experiences in Surrey make her blind and naive to the complexity of the other students. Giselle has never had to deal with so much drama in her whole entire life and she finds herself becoming rather distressed and confused during her first few weeks at the school, although this tended to irritate some people others took her under their wing and tried to help her out with the new setting and Giselle slotted into the Roses very nicely befriending fellow woodland lovers and ladies Marian and Clarion. Over time though her experiences at the school are starting to make her more cultured and open to the world around her and Giselle is finally starting to see people for what they really are and becomes more mindful of the way people treat her. Despite maturing over the course of her time at WWH, she always seems to still retain her innocence, optimism and kind nature. Giselle also happens to be very clever and creative, aspiring to be a vet and help out animals although she also has a tainted for designing and making clothes so really it’s a toss up between the two. She also happens to be very spunkiness and headstrong in difficult situations that she’s placed in and comes is also eternally optimistic and romantic but is also very independent and true to her convictions. She always likes to give people a second chance and never judges a book by its cover, however there are a few books she prefers to stay away from mostly Narissa Sarandon. Of late Giselle has been hanging out with Edward Jameson, Narissa’s younger half brother. Even though Giselle and Edward are only friends she can’t help but think he could be the Prince she was dreaming of all those years ago back in Surrey, sadly Narissa is hell bent on making sure that Edward and Giselle never discover their happily ever after, even if there was one there to start with. Never the less Giselle is certainly a fighter and will not be put down by the actions of a jealous girl and instead is choosing to fight back cleverly and discover if there is anything more between herself and Edward. 


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