Name: Talulah Mae Kitty-Mouse [TAKEN]

Clique: Twirl Girls (College)

Age: 19

FC: Diana Vickers 

Bio: Sweet by all definitions of the word Talulah seems like one of the kindest girls you’ve ever met in your life, your stereotypical boring little kind girl. Then you meet her properly. This girl is a cherry bomb. Talulah grew up in London by a working middle class family, she was an example of the perfect child until she reached the age of fourteen then the partying began. She spent every night going out and getting hammered with her friends, flirting with boys and basically not remembering the night after she woke up. This type of behaviour often worried her parents as although they lived in a nice area of London like everywhere it has it’s weird places and it was always a concern that their daughter didn’t get herself into some horrible predicaments. Her parents desperately tried to control her, which had the absolute opposite effect on her, it made her act out even more. When she was just sixteen Talulah began to work at a burlesque bar in the city and preformed their for men sometimes almost twice her age, adopting the name ‘Miss Kitty Mouse’ she was the star of the show, a modern day English Satine from a British Moulin Rouge. It was at this time that Talulah discovered she had a talent for singing as well as dancing where it got to a point that even she began to see her talent and really only still worked their as the possibility of fame was fairly strong there as the bar attracted quite all lot of people. One night whilst preforming her famous song ‘Let Me Be Good To You’ a man approached the young now seventeen year old with a possible recording contract. Excited Talulah ran home to tell her parents, revealing her secret job as a result. Instead of supporting their daughter with the contract her parents panicked. Their daughter was practically the scum of society, how would this go down with their friends? What would they say about her? Believing they were doing what was best for their daughter they gathered enough money to fund their daughter a private school education at the sort after boarding school in New York Wishing Well High, believing it would straighten her out. Boarding school life was hard for the young seven year old, she was so used of going to a regular school full of regular people instead of all of these stuck up kids, it was heard for her to fit in and find her Clique. That was until she met James Hook. He was unlike anything she’d ever met before, a rocker. He was bad, her parents would hate him and she loved it. At first it was more of a two fingers up to her parents for sending her there until she got to know him properly, the times he was sweet, the way he touched her face with his hand, how he called her beautiful. Sure enough she was under his spell, she was in love. The two were a stunning item for about three years…then Wendy Darling arrived. Soon enough Talulah was jolted and left heartbroken. Talulah hates Wendy for stealing away her boyfriend even though deep down she knows it wasn’t actually entirely her fault but James’s as well, but all of their history clouds her mind and she is open still in love with him. Going unnoticed by most people Talulah turns to her facing and singing even though burlesque isn’t really big at WWH she still finds time to practice her sultry art, however her unmistakable flexibly and talent attracted the attention of the Twirl Girls and after three years of being a drifter she finally found her home with them, dancing modern and ballet like the others. Even though Talulah never dropped her party girl lifestyle and jumps at any opportunity to go out and party making her quiet popular with the Evil Queens. Although she now has a new focus in her life of preforming on Broadway in the up and coming show Chicago whilst at school she has a main goal. James Hook. One day he will be hers and Wendy Darling a ruined distant memory. ¬†¬†


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