Name: John ‘Jack-Jack’ Jason Parr [TAKEN]

Clique: First Years 

Age: 15

FC: Bertie Gilbert 

Bio: John Jason Parr is the youngest of the Parr children is exceedingly smiler to his older brother Dash, better known to everyone as simply Jack-Jack he is a real joker and enjoys a good laugh even if it is sometimes at the expense of others. Growing up in the Parr household as the baby of the family was certainly interesting, Jack-Jack was able to get away with blue murder whilst his brother Dash and sister Vi got the telling off, for a little boy with a love for mischief it was certainly a dream come true, living easy with no consequences for his actions. Like his brother Jack-Jack also took to settling in at new schools very well always the sweet and kind little boy with that wicked sense of humour that made him memorable, even from the ages of ten years old he had girls chasing him. Often said to be the more normal of the three Jack-Jack is pretty much your average teenage boy but nicer, he’s kind, very smiley and also enjoys a good laugh with his friends however there is a side to him that not very many know about. With all those years of successful pranks and no blame he is a very successful liar and can quite literally get himself out of any situation, almost like he shape shifts into another person, it’s quite unreal actually. Even though he has managed to get himself into trouble with some of the more higher up characters of the school he just adapts a new persona and before you know it he’s trotting away like nothing ever happened whilst his victim is left dazed and confused, the funny thing is he’s not an evil character at all, just a boy who loves pranking with his partner in crime. Jack-Jack is in total adoration of his brother Dash and the two get up to some pretty amazing trolls when they are together causing complete embarrassment for their chosen victim, usually it’s a stuck up Queen or a Nightmare though so their is little regret int he operations carried out. Another good thing about being the youngest Parr is the fact that people tend to be afraid of you, his brother is a high school senior who is also a wicked crazy jock and his sister is twenty-one unless you were a total idiot or someone is hugely respected you just would know better than to pick on him. At school Jack-Jack tends to get on well with the Nightmare first years such as Charlie, Shock, Lock and Barrel as they share his love for pranks and mischief however he draws the line at hanging out with them all together as Jack-Jack does in fact have morels and knows that although it’s okay to be friends with them it’s not the clique he wants to fall in with, having said that he tends to get on well with pretty much everyone. SInce coming to school Jack-Jack has been introduced to the world of girls properly and so far he’s loving the female attention he’s been getting, in adorable way he’s kind of a flirt and would happily kiss any pretty girls that wanted to kiss him. Then again he is a teenage boy and you only live once right? 


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