Name: Jack ‘Dodger’ Dawkins [OPEN]

Clique: Drifters (College)

Age: 22

FC: Ashton Kutcher 

Bio: Growing up in New York is whole life Jack is no stranger to the meaning of the quote it’s a dog eat dog world, being as cool as a cucumber and as hard as a rock to the eye Jack looks like the guy you could possible make a meal of but he’s a fighter and would easily beat the living day lights out of you in a single second and finish you off with a witty one liner to spice up the juice. Living in the Bronx his whole life in New York City with his mother, he was no stranger to hardship, his mother was a waitress who worked at the local cafe down the road to earn next to nothing leaving him at home and the soul provider of the Dawkins family. He had to his best from the age of ten, going out and selling newspapers and taking up any job he could get his hands on, then after his mother lost her job things became all lot worse. The only constant in his life was his very best friend Rita Browne, the two have ben best friends ever since they were little kids and even was responsible for his nickname ‘Dodger’ or ‘Dodgie baby’ as she would like to call him when they began to get older. He alway admired her spirit and take no shit attitude, despite being female she could hold her own on the mean streets of the city and could easily beat him up. With the chance of their home being taken away Jack was desperate, so desperate he got caught up in a gang, patrolling the Bronx for territory and money in the most innocent way possible, the events of how the money came about where unknown as to this day Jack refuses to speak of it, however he always loves to tell the tale of how he met his best friends Alonzo, Einstein and Francis. He was the head of the gang, well the deputy head of the gang but he was loved by them and he loved them as well. It took some time but Dodger began to collect all lot of money for himself, whatever didn’t go to his mother went to him and over time he managed to get enough money to send himself to school. NYU in fact, it was when he was at school in fact was when his life changed for the better. A woman who worked in the school’s English department noticed he had potential and offered him a scholarship to WWH, a few words and he was off trying to change his life for the better, with dreams of being a reporter Dodger longs of having a different life to the one he grew up having. Right now though he’s at Wishing Well High, in his last year at school and using the roost as a senior, he’s tough and isn’t scared by any douchebag Nightmare as he knew he could beat them up in a second anyways, he is also an amazing role model to the the younger students because he is so carefree and easy going as well as having a kind heart and being determined. This type of personality has attracted the attention of a few younger students and has made him into one of the more popular students at the school. One being young Oliver Bilson, who Dodger has personally took under his wing as his understudy in a way to lead the gang once him an Rita have left school. Overall he is a loving guy and one hell of a loyal best friend. 


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