Name: Aaric Chernabog [TAKEN] 

Clique: Nightmares (College)

Age: 23

FC: Alexander Skarsgard 

Bio: Aaric Chernabog is the meaning of the word pure evil, raised in Russia his whole life in an area where it was kill or be killed he is the toughest of the tough and a force to be recokend with. Even from an early age he showed signs that one day he would indeed be evil, the usual play ground stuff with a sick twist. Kidnapping his fellow classmates and beating them with sticks tied to a fence because they wouldn’t let him play, taking the pure innocent rabbit of the girl who rejected him killing it and boiling it in a pan on her stove for her to see when she got it. Aaric was ruthless and here is why. Unlike some other evil minds that snap due to a traumatic experience Aaric was born this way, he is calculated beyond genius level, exceedingly clever and also has no human remorse whatsoever, he does not care who gets in his way, if they piss him off they are dead. The Chernabog family have always been this way and Aaric was brought up in a very strict old time Russian household as he his father was the general of one of the Russian army forces and his mother trained the younger children at the school to be fighters and taught them how to read and right, more like a mentor than a teacher per say. His parents were strict and emotionless as he was, with a face of steel and a heart of stone the Chernabogs were a family that no one dare visit in Moscow they worked for the government, they lived for the government and anything else was on a need to know basis and no one needed to know. When he was fifteen Aaric was kidnapped by enemy forces and taken as bate to make his father talk about what the Russian military were planning but Aaric wasn’t an idiot, by the time a rescue party had arrived he was beating his captor senseless with his own torture devices and had to be physically pulled off him form fearing of kiling him. Now even a family such as the Chernabogs knew that their child was in danger, even families of pure evil love their own and decided that at the moment Moscow wasn’t save for young Aaric, they found him the best education money could by at Wishing Well High in New York City where he would live and be taught all he needed to know before coming back to Russia to take up his place in the army next to his father. Even at fifteen Aaric was a ruthless machine, no one dared crossed him, he was mad in an alluring sense and had the funniest way of installing fear into you, with charisma although you knew the end was near he sort of charmed you into it like a spider. Quickly he became head Nightmare people scattering away from his path not daring to cross him or anger him, he had the school all worked out. Unlike his fellow friends he doesn’t stick to stupid gimmicks, he is a calculated man just like his father and believes in simply telling people how it is and what they do with this information depends on if and or what they will wake up to the next morning. Like death he silently claims you and black lists you in his head then lures you back to his dorm to discuss his terms of evil, may that be for them to carry out his work or hand over their sister or brother to the darkness that is the Nightmares, people will do it and no one has yet to challenge him. All except two…one of which being younger Nightmare by two years Sam Black, even though Aaric sees potential in the younger boy and could see him certainly becoming his predecessor he hates the fact that Sam thinks he is the head Nightmare after Aaric has only been away for a few days. Sam doesn’t realise that there is one head and that is him, until he says otherwise, he makes the Nightmares and he cleans up after the mess his idiot friends cause, unlike Sam. Aaric also despises some of Sam’s methods of torture are lazy and lax and drive him mad to his core. Sam maybe a good follower but he has all lot to learn before taking the top title. However he is his second in command and take-up the role of Head when Aaric is out of town on business ect but is not indeed the head although he likes to believe it. The second person would be the ever so happy Mickey, Mickey is his number one enemy and hates him more than happiness itself, everything he stands for, his glowing happiness and also his bright side girlfriend Minnie, Aaric has one dream and one dream alone to take out Mickey and he will do whatever it takes to make sure that becomes a reality. When he was younger Aaric noticed something about himself….something that wasn’t quite right. He is in fact a warlock and can conjure up dark sprits to help him do his bidding, but this is not through blood claim but practice of the dark arts as Aaric must drink the blood of the innocent and recite the incantations from the book of shadows he keeps to maintain his powers. To the mere students of WWH they find him simply mesmerising and darkeningly alluring, men fear him and women are attracted to him, making it easier for him to drink from them. Be warned the reign of Chernabog is coming to a close and in his final year before his long journey back to Russia there is no knowing what indeed he is cable of. You thought Sam Black was bad, you’re about to meet his maker. You’re very worst Nightmare.


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