Name: Pearl Lillian Isley [OPEN]

Clique: First Years 

Age: 16 

FC: Hannah Murray 

Bio: One of the cutest girls you’ll ever meet, Pearl Lillian Isley is a little blonde ray of light from Queensland Australia with a serious twist. Growing up with only her father Ted to raise her Pearl had pretty much an average childhood, she had friends and loved anything to do with sea life and the water as staying down by the ocean out the back of her home was how she spent most of her days. After Pearl’s mother died when she was fourteen things started to go terribly wrong for the neighbourhoods sweetest little girl. Pearl became heavily involved with drugs and her personality started to slowly winder away into something more broken than before, she was dealing with depression and instead of talking about it to the people around her turned instead to other things. Her behaviour only lasted for a little time as Pearl began to come in drunk and disoriented daily and after a while Pearl could no longer keep up the facade, her father Ted confronted her about it and Pearl confessed to her metal struggle and that with her mother gone she was not at all ‘okay’ as she had told him previously. After setting Pearl up with a few counselling sessions and confident in the knowledge his daughter was once again herself he attempted to remove the drama from her life by sending her away to attend boarding school in New York City in the hopes that being away from her friends would encourage her to stay on the straight and narrow and mingle with new people. As a first year Pearl began to make friends fairly quickly, slotting in with some of the other first years and becoming friends with Tad and Sheldon. Being a very outgoing character teaming up with some of the more nerdier quieter people such as the boys was very different for her and she quickly became more of a leader in the trio. Later on in the year Tad, Sheldon and Pearl met fellow first year Nemo Marlin, although he was more of a social being than her and the boys he fitted with them quite nicely although shouldn’t be mistaken as one of the group as Nemo tends to hang around more with others than them. Upon arriving at school Pearl was once again introduced back into the drugs scene but this time found herself as being more of a dealer than a taker, although she would keep some bits for herself at parties ect but mainly she did it to earn a bit of extra cash. Pearl likes to keep this part of her life private from her best friends, mostly Sheldon as she has deep feelings for him and is afraid that her strange behaviour would scare him off. Even with friends at her side and a smile on her face there is still a lot beneath the happy jelly exterior that is Pearl Lillian Isley as she has to still visit a councillor frequently and behind closed doors is dealing with so much more than clientele for some ecstasy. Pearl still has a lot of issues surrounding her mother and snaps on cue when its ever brought up. More or less despite her problems Pearl is a person and drugs or not will still be the life of any party. She’s rarely seen unsmiling and has an excellent sense of humour as well as being a great friend. 


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