Name: Tad Richardson [TAKEN]

Clique: Jocks 

Age: 16 

FC: Jack Gleeson 

Bio: The last member of the trio Tad Richardson is the obnoxious self elected leader of the group from Melbourne, Australia and the one that holds the group together. An only child he grew up getting everything he ever wanted and was the centre of his family, the love of both of his parents. Never being told no, Tad has gotten to a point where he is very selfish and believes that everything should be his way, most teenagers are very selfish but Tad tends to be even more so. Coming from a wealthy family that worked in the movie industry his father being a director and his mother working in costume design Tad has always been very well off and the envy of all of his other friends. Tad believes he’s the best at everything and is very self absorbed and will not be told anything else. Already hearing of Wishing Well due to the fact that both of his parents attended there and also met there an education in the city was always on the cards for the young boy and from being young he was always told that was where he would be a attending, naturally Tad didn’t appose. Wishing Well was a unique experience for Tad as back home in Melbourne he didn’t have many friends as eventually they would tire of his poor personality and less than desirable social skills. Upon coming to the school he instantly made friends with another boy in his year named Sheldon, he was an easy target for Tad and just the personality he liked to overpower and challenge without any opposition. Then later with outgoing bombshell Pearl Isley, Pearl wasn’t as easy to overpower and in some ways this was good for Tad as she managed to keep him grounded and tell him when he was starting to become a prick. Having no problems in hurting others he is very loyal to both Pearl and Sheldon and doesn’t let anyone bully or pick on them as his temper can be quite alarming at times. Mainly he is kind but he needs a major attitude adjustment and can be very snappy. Being quite the obnoxious ladies man and fairly jealous of Sheldon and Pearl’s growing relationship Tad has had his sights set on the fiery redheaded beauty Olivia Faversham. He admires her strong will and pretty face and has said to have his nicest moments when he is around her, Olivia on the other hand may take some getting around before he makes the beautiful first year his as she finds him to be very rude and only likes him at certain times. With the strength and determination of a Nightmare he is not an easy target to pick on and is brilliant at defending himself. Tad is part of the Jock clique due to his impressive skills in Polo and other sports and is highly thought of by the majority of the jocks even though they find him somewhat irritating. Mainly though Tad is a very nice person after he’d moved to the school and met Pearl and Sheldon. His only real issue is how obnoxious he is and in general he’s working on it. Tad is one interesting character and one that should defiantly not be brushed past and ignored in a hallway. 


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