Name: Ron Nessus [TAKEN]

Clique: Nightmares (College)

Age: 22 

FC: Cam Gigandet 

Bio: Ron Nessus, the jerk next door, the womaniser, the player, if you can think of a nick name, then thats what he is as he is one of those guys who can talk the talk and walk the walk, he can make girls practically beg to take them for a drink and of course being the cunning, manipulative loser he is he leads them on before totally turning them down, he returns no phone calls, answers no messages and avoids eye contact at all times, people say he isn’t boyfriend material which is a bunch of crap, he could be the perfect boyfriend but the only problem is he is extremely picky only wanting the best of the best and if he doesn’t think you’re drop dead gorgeous and worth his time, he’ll either ignore you, lead you on and then drop you as quick as hot timber or he’ll insult you and walk away. Ron grew up in a small village called Thebes, but he spent most of his time inviting pretty ladies down to the near by river to lay under clouds so of course he could make his move and hopefully score something. Everyone in the town new, that when they saw Ron hand in hand with a pretty girl heading down the isolated path to the stream that they weren’t just going there for a walk and eventually parents of the village had to lock up their daughters as after spending the day with Ron and then getting nothing but a goodbye wave this sometimes sent the girls of Thebes into a spin as they never knew who he actually did like. The day Nessus met Megera Athena was the day he set all his other little bimbo’s aside, he didn’t want anyone but her and she was defiantly a challenge he wished to complete, he complimented her and bought her flowers and gifts but nothing seemed to be working as she had her eyes set on someone else, Hercules a stupid Jock that made Ron want to pull his hair out with jealousy and anger. Like two rosters Ron told Hercules to meet him down at the dangerous end of the river to fight until someone either passed out or died, luckily for Ron he didn’t die but he sure got beaten to a pulp and that was always something hard for him to live down, he actually got picked on heaps from then on and lost his touch for a while when it came to dating ladies so his parents decided to send him to Wishing Well Boarding School, where hopefully he would find a wife. Ron’s parents were very old fashioned, they want to still be alive to watch their son get married and have kids and if that means forcing him to be with someone he doesn’t want to be with thats fine by them, but in rebellion as soon as Ron arrived at Wishing Well he took it upon himself to pick up his sleazy ways, some how me managed to capture the heart of young Tinkabell but that didn’t last long when she realised he wasn’t interested in her… at all. But the girl Ron is interested in is middle child of the Fate Sisters, Arden something about the fact that she knows the future really attracts him to her and sometimes he finds himself wondering if he actually likes her for her or for her powers which she willingly told him about one romantic night on the beach, then again Arden is the only girl Ron has taken out on more than one occasion and when he is around her he does act differently to the point where he actually acts like a gentleman, but as soon as he see’s Meg walking past he turns back into his jerk like self and all his attention is back to the brunette who he claims he is in love with to his best friend. Ron’s best buddy, Stefan Hades is someone he constantly complains about Meg to, nearly every conversation turns itself into how much he loves the confident brunette and how he has to have her or else. Surprisingly Ron is quite close with the Centaur folk of the school as something tells him deep down that if he wasn’t easily excited by evil deeds then he would probably be part of that clique, but his friendship with the bubbly clique doesn’t really get him much love from Head Nightmares like Sam Black and Aaric Chernabog as they find him utterly useless apart from the fact he is strong enough to throw a great punch but other than that he only thinks with his crutch and his brain is put to waste.


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