Name: Peaches ‘Peach’ Watson [OPEN]

Clique: The Tank Gang

Age: 20

FC: Evan Rachel Wood

Bio: Sweet by name, sweet by nature Peaches Watson is another Austrialin beauty with more than a few tricks up her sleeves. Growing up mainly at the local country club alongside her cousin Deb the two girls were as close as can be and often got up to a lot of trouble when left alone to plan some events for the family. Although Peaches had her own home she practically lived round there, enjoying the constant bustle of the halls and all the new people for her to hit on. Nicknamed Peach by the majority of her friends the name eventually caught on and is what she is more commonly known as today. Peaches is what you could describe as a bad girl, she loves drinking, parties and having fun and doesn’t really care a lot for outside things that could hinder her fun such as Polotics and Finance as far as she’s concerned she’s happy just to lay around by the pool and watch all of the eye candy. Although she loves the water Peaches usually prefed to sit around the pool rather than go in it as she is very concerned about her hair and make-up and likes to look fabulous all of time. When Peaches was younger and just starting to become a teenager Deb and Peaches parties usually consisted of her getting off and finding empty rooms with the majority of the good looking boys where as Deb always looked for someone special and didn’t tend to take it past a kiss. It was actually one night at a sleepover with Bella that she confessed herself to be a lesbian in a way, saying that she prefers to have sex and kiss girls rather than boys. However she sees intimacy mainly as a power thing and has been known to kiss boys frequently although maintaining that she is in fact a lesbian. Deb was relieved at that and the two girls confined in one another about this, knowing their judgmental parents would never really understand. Despite being the older of the pair Peaches was second to be sent off to Wishing Well High, her family concerned that she thought she had it too easy with her parties and sexual antics and that she needed to be taught some discipline. Nearly twenty one at the time she was packed off after her cousin as since leaving Deb had shown some very promising test results and showed signs of a bright future. With Peaches left behind she’d broken out into all new laziness, barely moving from the sun lounger in the back garden. It was a new experience to have to work at school and for the first few days Peaches remained fairly antisocial and only sticking to her cousin Deborah and their friends ‘The Tank Gang’ a group of fellow Aussie’s with some pretty interesting back stories. Starting to settle in Peaches got back to being herself, a more calmer version of herself she still showed a lot of attitude and loved to party but she started to concentrate more on her studies instead of just having fun. School had certainly made her grow up a little bit. At school she settled with the Tank Gang who are her main group of friends but due to their more layer back lifestyle Peaches also tends to hang around with Arden Fate for all her party girl needs. Even though she is a very stereotypically good type character Peaches is very fiery and clever and is quick with the insults. She hates Darla with a burning passion for picking on her younger cousin Deborah and often stands up to her when it’s possible. Then again when you’re part of the Tank Gang everyone is like family, if they hurt one of you they have hurt all of you. Peaches is loyal to them 100% and despite having other friends never would betray them. At the moment Peaches doesn’t have a main love interest as she can be very picky when it comes to finding a girlfriend however there are plenty of single people around school to have some fun with even if she won’t enjoy it as much as if it were someone else. Even though she’s settled down hugely since moving she still has got that party girl in her that is dying for a chance to get out.


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