Name: Gyspy Elle Ferrer [TAKEN]

Clique: Fashionistas

Age: 18

FC: Holland Roden

Bio: The princess with an edge of uniqueness Gypsy Elle Ferrer is a young designer from Milan in Italy, getting discovered at an early age for her amazing designs that were both stylish yet different. She took the teenage market by storm by the age of eighteen and has never been out of pocket since. Gypsy knew she always wanted to be a designer just like her idol Coco Chanel and show off her creativity through fabric and printing. Always designing her own clothes and looking stylish Gypsy constantly won awards for being the best dressed and best outfit and was constantly encouraged by her textiles teacher to pursue her dream as she she apparently had real talent. Her first break into the industry was when she was hired by ‘The Circus Bugs’ a high profile performance group that travelled the country, to design their costumes and the stages under the big top. It was here that her dream took a bit of a turn. A young girl of sixteen but with cleverness beyond her years, she enjoyed her new role as the costume designer and loved the way people stared in awe as they stepped out into the ring. It was also at the circus where she met the brooding English magician Manny. Gypsy was attracted to him due to his strength and dashing good looks despite him being a few years older than her as he was 20 at the time they met. Manny showed Gypsy a new way of looking at the world and dazzled her with magic and also encouraged her to follow her dreams. Overtime Gypsy learned to become Manny’s assistant in his magic act and on this particular day was going to be made to disappear and then step out of another box dressed in her newly destined costume of a beautiful yet sexy butterfly. Of course due to the brilliance of Manny the trick worked straight away and out stepped Gypsy. The audience were in awe of her and her beautiful dress including someone special in the audience. Meryl Reed, head of Elle magazine. She saw talent in Gypsy and made her a deal to showcase her designs in Elle in the hopes of Gypsy becoming noticed. It was over this time that Gypsy became good friends with Meryl’s two daughters, Dot and Atta. Gypsy agreed and sure enough by her eighteenth birthday she was bigger than Hannah Hooch and selling out quickly. A hot name on the teenage fashion market she was unstoppable and totally loaded. Of course Gypsy knew she still had a lot to learn as she was only young and because of this enrolled herself into the same school as her friend Atta, Wishing Well High in New York City. She also never forgot the cause of her success. Manny. If it wasn’t for him Gypsy would still be at the circus instead of where she was today. Being madly in love with him to start off with, Manny came along with Gypsy to the school and the two are somewhat of an item. Wherever Gypsy goes Manny isn’t far behind and are both very much in love with one another and constantly snogging in the school corridors. Feisty due to her Italian blood Gypsy is sometimes quite the diva and doesn’t let anyone get the upper hand of her especially those douchebag Nightmares and Evil Queens. Her personality clashes a lot with theirs as she will not be told what to do or ruled by anyone and is very headstrong and puts up one hell of a fight. She seeks refuge with the Fashionista clique along with Atta, Lily and another friend of hers Lottie. She’s unite popular due to her top designer status but it’s clear to see that Atta is indeed the queen and Gypsy never tries to contest that. Gypsy’s best friend at school is the much quieter but more sarcastic long legged brunette Rosie Wilshire, a drifter there are elements of her personality that fit with Gypsy’s quite well and she can always count on her to keep her grounded and down to earth instead of floating around somewhere inside her head. Gypsy is also a very big flirt and is known to have had preferences for other boys other than her Manny including bad boy Sid Philips and Jock Ralph Rex, Rosie is always her voice of reason that sits her down and tells her when she is is going wrong, she’s her very best friend and is always there to pick her up if she’s drunk or hold her when she cries and Gypsy is very glad of her. However Gypsy seems to be getting increasingly closer to more of Wishing Well’s hottest and it’s only a matter of time before even Rosie can’t control this flirtatious young designer. 


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