Name: Sid Phillips [TAKEN]

Clique: Nightmares ~ Drifter Possibility 

Age: 18

FC: Dylan O’Brien

Bio: The conflicted bad boy famously known for being Andy Davis’s neighbour, Sid Phillips is that person that isn’t really bad but more conflicted. He’s somewhat of a brat and still fighting with his childish urges to be bad and the grown up inside him that knows he needs to start accepting responsibility and take the punishment for his crimes. Always known as simply just ‘Sid’ he was always an embarrassingly twisted boy who spent most of his childhood in his back garden sending his toys into outer space on rockets and mutliating the ones of his younger sister Hannah. He was always a pretty lonely kid and was regarded as the street bully. Really he just got into his teens a little too early and whilst the Phillips family played happy families Sid would sit alone on his room and take his anger out on the things around them, to be fair he could have turned out a lot worse but as time went on Sid started not only harming inanimate objects but also the neighbourhood. Playing on the fact that he was indeed older than all of the other kids, Sid would regularly go out and bully kids for sport, tie them up in trees by their skipping roper, hit them with sticks and wooden baseball bats until they cried and chop the heads off their favourite barbie doll or send their favourite cowboy up into the atmosphere. By all accounts he was just a horrible boy and got a kick out of picking on people that were defenceless against him. No one escaped the wrath of Sid not even his own sister Hannah, he would regularly tell her he hated her and didn’t love her or want her, cut up her toys and give them back to her. A more prominent occasion that stuck out was the time where he chopped the head off ‘Sally’ Hannah’s favourite toy and superglued on the head of a menacing looking dinosaur instead. Hannah had loved the toy since as long as she could remember and only being about nine at the time she took it to heart and never forgot it. Eventually his behaviour started to frighten his parents when Sid began to be brought home by the police for assaulting the other kids, scared they packed off him and Hannah as well to Wishing Well Boarding school where they felt their son would correct his ways. Now people usually think that children like Sid would just stay that way forever, that they are beyond help. Indeed they are not and Sid didn’t need any help to do it. Instead Sid started to grow up, he found new friends he clicked with that made him want to be a better person instead of the town bully he once was. This was at the beginning of the year, and then Sam Black got to him. Hearing of Sid’s twisted ways similar to his own Sam began to pull on the side of Sid that would beckon him over to the Nightmares, making him feel lesser than everyone so that he had to fight back like he did as a young teenager. Sid began to get a thrill out of it and is currently a feared name throughout all of the first years as he is the prime one who picks on them all. Takes their money, cuts off their hair whilst they sleep and stupid stuff like that. Sid would be lost if not for the lights in his life, his best friend Iman and surpassingly enough Andy Davis. Andy and Sid always took a dislike to one another but Andy was never the type of person to turn his back on someone when they need help and even though he argues with Sid often he tries to sway him away from the Nightmares. Obviously Sid tries to not hear a word of it and instead lashes out at him causing conflict, to which he feels the backlash of his two arch nemesis’s Woody and Buzz, Andy’s lame older friends that he uses to fight his battles. Currently Sid is fighting between the two halves of himself which is causing strained relationships with the people he loves most like his sister Hannah. Sid does really love Hannah but appears to not care about her incase Sam tries to use her to get to him if he ever decided to betray him and become a Drifter like he longs to. From time to time Sid is kind to Hannah when he knows Sam isn’t watching but can’t ever tell her why he’s so awful to her at times incase Sam ever captures her. One day Sid has promised himself that when his Nightmare days are well and truly over he will spend the rest of his life making it up to his sister for being such a prick to her. Iman Rajah seems to be the only person to understand him and when he is with him Sid is at his nicest, it’s like he’s a different person and a normal teenage boy. It was through Iman and Rosie also how he met the object of his affections, Gypsy Elle Ferrer the beautiful Italian that’s forbidden fruit to him. Sid and Gypsy often flirt a lot as she has a weakness for bad boys and Sid isn’t exactly 100% a great one. Sid is sure he’s in love with her but the fact that she’s with Manny makes him lash out and instead go off with different girls. Mainly Sid is kind if you are to him but is very much a Nightmare when he needs to be, he tends to be horrible to first years and has no interest in ever dating one. He even has a slight distaste for even the evil ones like Joanna and Astrid but tolerates them for Sam’s sake. Really Sid wants his freedom and is always looking for a way out of his Nightmare bonds, but he’s tactical and won’t give up without a fight. With Iman behind him there is no knowing what Sid can achieve but one thing is for certain he doesn’t want to be a Nightmare anymore.¬†


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