Name: Sabrina Gothel [OPEN]

Clique: Evil Queens

Age: 20 (College) 

FC: Katie McGrath

Bio: Everyone knows Rapunzel Goldenflower, the beautiful, naive, friendly girl dating the handsome, adventurous rebellious man by the name of Flynn Rider who’s best friend is the smart, clever and cunning Pascal Vincent. But I’m sure you’ve also heard them mention the evil and manipulative Sabrina Gothel, who was also the person that kept Rapunzel locked up in her “tower” for all those years. Sabrina used to trick Rapunzel into going up into this huge tower in the middle of no where and on days when she was really bored, she would lock the door and not let her out for weeks, fortnights even just to see if the little dumb blonde would actually go insane or not. Eventually, Gothel would only visit her cousin in the summer time when their parents were out of town and Sabrina was left in charge, she would take Rapunzel out into the forest, claiming that the real world “wasn’t safe” and that “people were monsters”, the only hiding spot good enough to protect anyone being the huge tower. Every summer the same thing would happen and every summer Rapunzel’s opinion on the world changed to one of fear and Gothel found the whole thing hilarious. But one weekend before their parents were coming back from their annual vacation, Sabrina went to check on her younger cousin only to find her not in the tower, after a ten minute freak out Gothel was furious, the little brat was doing this on purpose to get her in trouble and she was going to pay. Sabrina actually followed Rapunzel all the way to Wishing Well Boarding School and somehow she managed to con her way in, tricking them by showing the school some of Rapunzels artwork and pretending it was her own and that she was talented in some way. After finally tracking down Rapunzel she gave her a firm word and told the girl she was worried sick, as even though Gothel comes across as a cold hearted witch she truly does care for her cousins safety, but her safety does not involve a certain Flynn Rider who drives her absolutely insane, she constantly mocks him as no matter how much she teases and insults the boy he can’t lay a single finger on her as it will be hurting his true love, Gothel laughs at true love, she has never had a boyfriend and even though she has liked many guys and plenty have returned the feelings they’ve all been to up themselves for her likings, Sabrina herself is very vain and she doesn’t need to be in a relationship with someone who is nearly as vain as she is, it will not work and so she believes there is no point in trying. Even though she hates to admit it, Gothel did have a little thing for Pascal Vincent but the second she realised how much of a dork he was her mind was changed quicker than you can say "Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair..". Sabrina has a thing for men with power, so it isn’t surprising that she finds herself chasing after people like James Hook; well known stud, Stefan Hades; serious hot-head, Diablo Raven; drugged up bad-boy and Sam Black; Head Nightmare of Gore, something about the power being around these men gives her is a massive turn on for Gothel and she just can’t help but be interested in their plans, actives and revenge schemes as if she were to ever be lucky enough to date one of these fine fellows it would be for power not for love, as to be honest she finds them all very frustrating but being the little social climbing monkey she is, she won’t breathe a word of that to anyone not even to her best friend of a couple of years Evelyn Queen, if anyone was to know of her power sucking ways she would never be trusted… and that simply won’t do.


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